Apex Golf Custom Fittings


Whether you play golf 10 times a month, 10 times a year, or are just beginning- having golf clubs fit to your unique swing makes a huge difference. To make a simple analogy, you would not walk into a shoe store, look at the guy next to you and size up his feet compared to yours and make your purchase based on that. You sit down measure your feet for width and length and then try a couple pair on for comfort and style...golf clubs deserve that same attention and  more because it is a substantially greater investment than a pair of shoes.

At Apex Golf Custom Fitting, located in the main building at Anchor Golf Center, we want to help make this great game easier for you to play and make you comfortable with your golf equipment. We want to build a relationship that you can lean on and trust for all your golf needs. Our philosophy is one built on tradition and simplicity backed by the best modern technology with the Trackman launch monitor.

Apex Golf additionally offers a Golf Shop (located at Anchor) with accessories, golf equipment and clubs, regripping services and more.


Apex Golf Custom Club Fitting Pricing

  •  Advanced Fit $125 - Price includes driver/woods or irons/wedges using Trackman and traditional fitting resources. This offering is for fitting ONLY; 1 hour
  • Beginner Fit $75 -Price includes driver/woods or irons/wedges using Trackman and traditional fitting resources. This offering is limited to beginner golfers; 45 minutes
  • “What’s In The Bag” Check & Gapping Analysis $100 -Using the Trackman, analyze each club in the bag for distance; 1 hour
  • Length & Lie Angle Check $25 -Check player’s current irons for proper length and lie angle; 15 minutes
  • “One Club” Fit $65 -Replace a club(s) or fill a yardage gap in your bag using Trackman; 30 minutes
  • Combo Fit $200 -Combine Driver/Woods & Irons/Wedges; 2 hours
  • Super Fit $300 -Includes a complete fitting through the bag with a Trackman analysis of distances for each club; 2.5 hours

*All fitting time durations are estimated


  • 50% of the fitting fee will be applied to the purchase of new clubs you are fit for!
  • 10% discount for Veterans and current members of the armed forces


To schedule a Custom Fitting, or if you have any questions - please contact Apex Golf Master Club Fitter, Ted Swartwood - ted.apexgolf@gmail.com / (c): 908-644-4710.

For more information, visit the full Apex Golf website here: apexgolfnj.com