Planning a corporate event in Morris County?  

Anchor Golf Center works with Jersey Club Sports and can custom a team building experience for whatever you need! Whether it's a kickball game, Bubble Soccer, or a company Field Day we have the skills to help your organization plan a fun and exciting corporate event for your employees. Get your company together and start team building today!

Event Options

  • Scavenger Hunt
  • WACKY Games: Bat Spin, Duck Launch, Tug-O-War, and more
  • BRAINY Games: Trivia, Tanagram Puzzles, Scavenger Hunt, and more
  • Social Competitions: Bar Olympic type of event
  • Old school Field Day style games
  • Traditional sport games and tournaments: Dodgeball, Softball, Kickball, Volleyball, Golf, and others.
  • Cornhole Tournament
  • FootGolf Tournament
  • Mini-Golf
  • Bubble Soccer


  • Make your day extra special by adding catering, shirts, or photography to your event. 
  • Want to combine activities and completely customize your team building experience? Reach out to us and we will create exactly what you envisioned to make your bonding time unforgettable! 

Contact: Jamie Barmakian
       / (973) 887-0898
                c: (973) 975-7483